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Student Feedback/Comments2016-12-29T12:33:27-05:00

Pierre-Antoine P. from Montreal

My Spanish teacher, Carlos, was excellent. The administration was welcoming and offered me flexibility with my schedule.

Cristina C. from Montreal

I took private courses at ALC Montreal before taking the TFI as I was nervous, anxious. My teacher was so encouraging and the course was great – but what made the biggest difference was the support from the director of studies. She had me take training exams and supported me, talked to me, and listened to me, as I was very nervous when I had to take the official test. My final score: 890. Thank you ALC.


Rita B. from Spain

I spent two summers in Montreal and both times I registered at ALC Montreal, the first time for English courses and the second time for English courses plus the TOEFL iBT preparation. They were super. Competent and dynamic teachers, and a helpful administration always there for me. I loved it and passed my TOEFL!

Mohamed K. from Montreal

I took the TEFaQ oral comprehension test 4 times – and each time I failed by a few points. The director of studies had already suggested that I take a few hours of preparation courses as I was stumped. I didn’t want to listen to her but after 4 failures I finally gave in.  The few hours of private courses gave me the confidence I needed to better manage my stress. Unfortunately, I still failed. The director offered me one week of courses, absolutely free because they guarantee success. After my 5th time, I passed! Thanks to ALC, I passed the TEFaQ. Thank you teachers: you are excellent and very patient.

Rebecka D. from Switzerland

During my trip to Canada, and more specifically to Montreal, I took the opportunity to register for French courses at ALC Montreal. A warm and friendly welcome. Great environment and the courses are well-organized. They were professional and schedules were flexible – this helped me because I often had to miss classes. I loved it a lot.

Madonna B. from the United States

Small groups and at times semi-private or private classes without paying extra. We progressed quickly. The management makes sure the classes are effective and that we reach a certain level. Well-structured and organized. I learned a lot.

Emilio Amat P.S.M. from Mexico

The learning method makes all the difference. We learn and progress day by day. Little activities outside the class, but when we leave the class, we can speak. ALC decided to rely on an effective instruction rather than the language café or having fun. At first, I was a little sad about this, but I quickly understood that I was progressing three times faster than I had in other schools. They also offered me a vast program of outings and activities. I passed my TOEIC thanks to the English courses I took at ALC Montreal.