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Registration procedure

/Registration procedure
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Notice to foreign visitors

In order to complete all required forms for your stay in Canada, it is necessary that you register 2 to 3 months in advance, depending on your country of origin.

Registration procedure:

Required age : 18 years of age at the time of registration (16 years of age with parental consent).

Please complete the pre-registration form and send it to us as soon as possible. Expect a delay of 2 to 3 business days before receiving a reservation confirmation from us, along with the receipt of the courses you will be taking.

When you receive this receipt, you must follow all ‘forms of payments’ procedures. Once ALC, has received your installment, you will receive a registration confirmation for the program you have chosen. If you choose to pay while registering online, you will receive the registration confirmation attached to your paid invoice. In the event of an error or an omitted amount, you will have to pay the difference before we send the confirmation and/or the LOA, depending on the visa application. If you apply for a student visa, we will kindly ask you to pay 50% of the amount of the course fees while registering.

Depending upon the date you register at ALC and after you have received your receipt, you must pay a deposit or the total amount of your specific program fees.

For all foreigners needing an acceptance letter from our school, please note that the acceptance letter fees of 0 will in no case be reimbursed.

Whether ALC helps you fill out all necessary forms to obtain your visa or you do it yourself, it is still necessary that you give ALC a copy of the visa confirmation as soon as you have received it.

It is very important that you carefully read all conditions related to obtaining your visa and correctly complete all forms. We will be pleased to answer any questions you might have and help you complete your forms so that the Canadian Government can give you your visa. It is also very important that you do not change your visa application status during the procedures and give clear and precise information.

You cannot be reimbursed once you have received your visa.

It is strongly advised that you contact a travel and health insurance company in your country. If you apply for a student visa, ALC will automatically charge you the costs of health insurance i.e. 2,00CAN$/day.

ALC’s internal policy

Teachers: All teachers at ALC have a university education and teach according to the ALC method. The teachers assigned to a course may vary depending on programs and schedules. Whether it is a group or private course, it is not up to the students to choose the teacher they want.

Absences: Students must complete at least 90% of their course at the end of the session before taking a progress test and obtaining a certificate that proves that they have successfully completed the level.

Progress guarantee: ALC offers all students a guarantee in successfully completing the program they have chosen. That is why it is required that students attend class regularly and follow the teacher’s directives in order to succeed. Barring this, the ALC guarantee is null and void. If the student is always present and follows the teacher’s directives and still doesn’t succeed in the progress test, ALC will then offer, free of charge, the necessary number of classes for the learner to catch up and pass the progress test.

Cancellation, refund and payment policies

Payment policy

The courses must be paid when registering or at the latest 7 days before the beginning of your program. There is the possibility of deferred payments, but only upon administrative agreement.

ALC’s registration fee of 0 is not refundable if you decide to withdraw from your course. As for the pedagogic material, it will depend on the duration and level of your course, but will definitely not be reimbursed once you’ve taken possession of it.

If the student is not registered to a medical insurance, Académie Linguistique Charlemagne will subscribe to one on the student’s behalf for the cost of

[.00/day, at the moment of registration, if the student applies for a student visa.

Cancellation and refund policy


No cancellation or refund will be provided without a written notice from the learner

Cancellation before the beginning of courses

If the cancellation letter is sent to the school:

  • 7 calendar days or more before the course starts, 100% of the tuition fees will be refunded.
  • 1 to 6 calendar days before the course starts, 90% of the tuition fees will be refunded.
  • • The day the course begins, the class given on this day is non-refundable. The rest of the course tuition is refundable – 10% for administrative fees.

Cancellation after the course has begun

Once the course has begun, only the remaining classes will be refunded.

If the student has completed:

  •  10% or less: 80% of the tuition amount will be refunded
  •  11% to 29% of the courses : 50% of the tuition amount will be refunded
  •  30% and more of the courses : no refund

Policies for Course/Enrollment Change

Any request to change a course no later than 7 days before the beginning of said course will be considered a re-enrollment. Any course reservation made will be cancelled and a new reservation will be made at the same cost as the original reservation or at a higher cost, depending on the type of modification made to the reservation.

Any request to change a course 6 days before the beginning of said course cannot be honored.

A course change can only be made for the following session depending on the chosen program and the availability of spaces in class and on the student’s language level.

No refund can be given to change to a less intensive course: the duration of a less intensive course cannot be longer than that of the original reservation.

Any student who wishes to transfer from a group class to a private class cannot transfer any remaining group class credit to a private class. In such case, any remaining group hours will be charged and the private course hours will be billed in full.

It is not possible, in any circumstance, to transfer the amount of a course program to a different program.

The Academie Linguistique Charlemagne reserves the right to reduce by half the class if there are less than 3 people in the group instead of cancelling the course.

Cancellation and refund procedures

he student must send a written notice to Académie Linguistique Charlemagne and explain the reasons for the cancellation. The reimbursed amount will be given by cheque, mailed and received within 6 to 8 weeks.

Exceptions concerning foreign students

If for the following mentioned reasons you cannot take part in the program, then a complete or partial reimbursement may be given as long as you send us your written notice or that of a professional explaining to our institution the cause of your cancellation.

  •  In case of illness : we will need a medical note from your doctor
  •  In case of not obtaining your visa : we will need a copy of the refusal letter
  •  In case of visa delay : we will need a copy of the letter of delay

We give you the right to ask for proof of everything you have sent us, before making our decision.

If you are not able to provide us with any of the above mentioned elements of proof, you will not be reimbursed.

Cancellation of a private course

A private lesson can be cancelled and caught up only if it is cancelled before 3 pm the day prior to the class and you must contact the office of ALC and not the teacher. If not, the class will be considered as having been given and will not be made up. Any class cancelled in advance must be made up within the 2 week period immediately following the cancellation.

Group : A group course cannot be cancelled individually or caught up.

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