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Specialized Courses

Courses throughout the year: Standard and Specialized Languages

Standard Language Courses

At ALC you will discover and wide variety of programs adapted to both our language level and your availability – from full-time studies to a few hours per week.

The intensive programs offered at ALC guarantee you maximum progress in minimum time and are all based on an immersive dynamic learning method emphasizing interaction between teacher and learner.

You may take classes in French (FLE), English (ESL), and Spanish throughout the year, without interruptions, and complete the 6 levels offered by ALC within a time-frame of 48 weeks.

Mandarin and German courses are offered only during the evenings and on Saturdays. For private classes, they may be taken during the day or evening, depending on your availability.

You may take French, English, and Spanish classes either 30, 25, or 15 hours per week from Monday to Friday, all year without interruption.

For people who are working and only available during the evenings or Saturdays, we offer excellent programs based on immersion and interaction for 6 hours per week divided in 2 classes from Monday to Thursday.

If you wish to improve your writing skills, we offer a French and English program on Saturday mornings based on a 10-week session at 3 hours per week. These are for both native and non-native speakers.

Professional Language Courses

This program aims to develop your vocabulary knowledge as it relates to the professional market in which you work or study. This program is offered as both intensive and private classes

Courses for Official Test Preparation

Build on success: 95% to 98% success at TEFaQ-TFI-TOEIC for students who have taken the preparation courses with ALC montréal

ALC montréal perpares to the following tests:

All Tests

When your future depends on your success, come see our professionals!

  • The ALC Montreal Official Testing course, with :
  • Teaching by specialists,
  • Extensive pedagogical tools,
  • A language laboratory center,
  • An assessment of your progress and computerized and / or paper-based exam simulations will ensure real progress and a solid foundation.

ALC Montreal Native Language Teachers will teach you to master the knowledge required for the exam, strategically approach your exam, maintain a certain cadence and manage your stress.

Rich and Varied Programs

Regardless of why you want or need to learn a language – from university or professional studies to a work promotion or a vacation – ALC offers programs adapted to your needs.