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  • Mnemonic Technique

    Do you think associating an image with a word is easy? What about associating an idea or an opinion with an image? What about transcribing this idea? That is to say, making a correct phrase in the past, present, and future, without the use of your native language! Is this impossible? …not with ALC Montreal!

  • Interaction

    Interacting in a specific context that relates to the real world allows us to easily memorize vocabulary and gain confidence within ourselves. ALC offers this training with role-playing and fun activities.

  • iLab

    An indispensable tool to solidify within yourself the words associated with their sounds. ALC offers all of its students a language lab that is free for all students enrolled in our courses.

  • Dynamic Professors

    We have one goal in mind: your success. At ALC Montreal you are guided by competent and experienced teachers who ensure your success. Using fun and interactive techniques, the teachers facilitate your target language learning.

Our language teaching is based on a curriculum adapted to your needs

We have one goal in mind: your success

Your learning success is based on the following points :

  • A precise evaluation of your knowledge base and your goals.
  • A program adapted to your learning abilities.
  • Constant educational support throughout your studies at ALC Montreal.
  • And our teaching method that has proven itself successful since many years and for multitudes of students.

Classes … Not Masses

A language course is only effective if the learner actively participates in the classes. Our classes accommodate 3 to 9 students per level (a maximum of 12 students during the summer).

ALC’s main objective is that students obtain a solid knowledge foundation as quickly as possible. Our classrooms are designed with our methods in mind – every classroom is equipped with audio/video (television, DVD player, video, projector) and offers the comfort and calm required for structured and stimulating.

Dynamic and Motivated Professors

ALC takes great care when hiring teachers. They must not only have university training and educational instruction, but also must be able to have an aptitude in forming a bonding trust between the students and themselves. All ALC teachers are native speakers and have completed the specific training required to teach all international students. They take their mission seriously and are there to support you throughout your studies.

No Translation in the Classroom

This means that teachers speak only in your target language. They do not translate in class, nor do they use a dictionary. This method encourages students to get into the habit of thinking in the language that they are learning. You will be surprised at the point to which it is easy to learn in this way and how much you will be able to retain in.