Guarantee of Success

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Guarantee of Success 2017-03-24T15:14:02-04:00

After a personalized evaluation of you target language skills, ALC will determine, with precision, which program best suits you and how much time will be required for you to reach your expected results.

If you choose to follow the program designed for you by ALC, then ALC guarantees that you will reach your goal!

Depending on the program chosen, the length of time required to move on to the next level is usually 8 to 10 weeks for standard language courses, and 4 weeks for a test preparation session.

At ALC, we know that our methodology is the key to your success. We are specialists in language instruction and our intention is for you to reach your language goals during your stay. Our teachers are here to support, guide, and assist you with all the work required for your success. We are also aware that upon registering with our academy, you are motivated to succeed. In fact, thanks to our approach and our method, our success rates are some of the highest currently in the market.

This is why we can guarantee your success.

  • Attend 100% of the courses
  • Arrive to the courses on time
  • Complete all exercises and homework given by the teachers, both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Attend regular training sessions in the ILAB
  • Actively participate in the classroom and follow the learning instructions given by the teachers
  • Follow your commitment to practice your target language as much as possible and commit to no longer use your native language during the entire learning time at the academy
  • Attend all optional courses given in your target language that are offered by ALC Montreal (Language Café, Social Studies Courses, etc.)
  • We allow you to attend, at no charge, extra learning classes that can help you work on your language difficulties. You may also retake a level test after these extra classes. Regarding test preparation courses, we offer you the option to retake a test 4 to 8 weeks after completing the initial test. All you would be required to pay for is the official test.
  • We offer you the best we have: Progress & Efficiency