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Standard and Specialized

Course: Spanish

At ALC you can learn “standard” Spanish, also known as Castellano, with native-speaking teachers from Spain or Latin America.

Why Castilian Spanish? Because it is the base language. The richness of the Spanish language is found in many countries, all with different colours and cultures!

Starting in the 15th Century, sea-faring mariners began their adventures towards the New World. Many of them departed from the south of Spain and brought with them their Andalusian dialect. We can see examples of this in Saint Domingue and in Cuba. We can hear the various dialects in terms of intonation, pronunciation, and many local words or expression. Latin American dialects use different pronouns than the current version of Spanish. The Spanish singular second-person subject-pronoun is “tú” whereas in Argentina or Uruguay we use “vos.” In the polite form, we will use “usted” in both Spain and Latin America. Do you know:  ¿A que hora sale el próximo autobús? (At what time does the next bus leave?);  or, ¿Puede ayudarme, por favor? (Could you please help me? ); or, ¿Quieres tomar algo? (Do you want something to drink?)

Spanish is the third most widely-spoken language in the world, only surpassed by Chinese and English. In the Americas it is the most common language and, outside of Spain, Spanish is spoken in the Philippines, the United States, and even in Africa. Spanish is the main language in Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Peru, Venezuela, Chili, Ecuador, Cuba…and 34 other countries.

With its increasing popularity, ALC offers free optional courses to students already enrolled in regular programs. These courses give you the opportunity to practice your skills and achieve your language goals.

At ALC, you can take Spanish courses for 4 hours per week: Monday and Wednesday evenings, or Tuesday and Thursday evenings. For those who are unavailable in the evenings, or for those who wish to follow a fast-track program, ALC offers year-long private or semi-private classes from Monday to Friday. These classes will allow you to complete all 6 levels in 48 weeks.
8 weeks.

Individual Spanish Courses

If you have little time or want to concentrate more intensively on your Spanish language learning, ALC offers you individual Spanish courses alone with a teacher who has prepared a curriculum of tailor-made courses tailored to your needs And objectives.

We offer these Spanish courses in our academy or in companies.

Individual courses in French, English, Spanish, German and Mandarin

Specific and professional language courses

The program of these Spanish courses aims to develop your vocabulary related to the professional sector in which you work and / or study or you are preparing to do so.