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Mandarin classes in group or individual classes

ALC offers you Mandarin courses in Montreal to develop your language skills in everyday life, in the workplace and in your intercultural knowledge.

At ALC you will be able to follow a quality education provided by professors of experienced Chinese and mother tongue. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, we can help you assess and develop your skills to learn Mandarin.

These courses are based on learning simplified characters and learning a common vocabulary so that you are able to react in everyday situations, to conduct a conversation with a native Chinese and to orient you in a Chinese environment As to the general and essential information in everyday life.

Depending on the level or step you will spend after a certain length of learning you will be able to speak it, understand a native, but also read and write texts related to everyday life.

Individual mandarin courses

If you do not have much time or want to concentrate more intensively on your Mandarin learning, ALC offers you INDIVIDUAL COURSES alone with a teacher who has prepared a curriculum adapted to your needs and objectives.

We offer these Mandarin courses in our academy or in companies.

At ALC, the Mandarin course instructors are motivated and dynamic teachers who will allow you to progress at your own pace. Our Mandarin teachers are native and will be able to give you the nuances of the language according to your specific objectives.

Individual courses in French, English, Spanish, German and Mandarin