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Intensive Program
Daily courses from Monday to Friday

Small groups from 3 to 9 students/level attend our intensive courses. They aim at teaching you the 4 language components in 8 weeks for each level. We offer 6 levels from A1 to C2.

This course consists of the 4 language components: The morning class is based on: Interactive grammar – role play – written and oral exercises – reading – listening to authentic material – pronunciation – syntax.

The afternoon class is based on audiovisual material and developing comprehension and speaking skills. The theme related vocabulary and listening activities introduced in this course will allow the learner to reinforce what he learned in the morning course, assimilating it in a productive and communicative way.

1 academic hour = 55 minutes. 

ALC reserves the right to reduce the rate to 50% of the time provided in the event that less than 3 participants enroll. In such case, the course becomes a semi-private course. ALC also reserves the right to change if necessary class schedules based on the season and the registration.

Intensive French FLE  +

réf.: FRA30

  • 30h/week • 8 weeks/level
  • 10 standard classes + 2 private specific classes
  • Schedule: 9:00 to 14:45 Monday to Friday
  • 15:30 to 18:00 twice a week
  • 12 classes/week
  • 30h/week = 37h/week including Café Linguistique and language lab

30h/week. Morning and afternoon. 10 classes/week + 2 specific classes/week

This course is based on the FRA25 intensive program to which you add one of the following programs in your chosen language: Professional – Business – Secretarial – Tourism & Hotel – Science and Technology – Judicial/Legal – Medical.

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