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Learn French in Montreal: Standard and Specialized Language

Course: French FLE

At ALC you learn International French with native-speaking teachers. There are numerous students who believe that coming to Quebec to learn French means learning a dialect specific to “La Belle Province” and therefore the knowledge gained will be unusable elsewhere than in Quebec.

These rumours are false… the citizens of Quebec have a language derived from the culture, and this holds true for any other francophone from anywhere else. Just as a “car” translates as “auto” you will hear that it is a “char” in Quebec. People from Brussels will inform you that a purchase you made costs ninety euros by saying that it costs “nonante” euros instead of the usual “quatre-vingt-dix.” People from Lyon will explain to you that they have been hurt from falling down the stairs by saying they have “débaroulé” instead of saying they have “tombés.”

French is truly a living language, constantly in motion and evolution. This is why ALC offers free optional courses to all students enrolled in regular programs so that they may practice and refine their language skills according to their goals.

At ALC you can take French courses for 30, 25, or even 15 hours per week, Monday to Friday, all year long. You can even do this without breaks and complete all 6 levels offered by the academy in 48 weeks.

Furthermore, for those who work during the day, ALC offers evening and Saturday courses for either 6 or 3 hours per week.

Combine standard courses with specialized courses by choosing the Intensive PLUS Program. This course offers you the opportunity to quickly improve your basic knowledge as well develop specialized language skills, all at the same time.

At ALC Montreal, each French program guarantees you fast and effective learning.

At ALC, we know that our methodology is the key to your success. This is why we are able to guarantee that you will achieve your desired level of French during your stay at our academy. Our teachers are here to support, guide, and assist you with all the work required for your success.

We are also aware that upon registering with our academy, you are motivated to succeed. In fact, thanks to our approach and our method, our success rates are some of the highest currently in the market.

Private French Course

If you have little time or if you want to concentrate more intensively on your learning French, ALC offers you individual French lessons with a teacher who has prepared a curriculum adapted to your needs and objectives . Following a French course at ALC montréal means learning, speaking and living French with native speakers every day in immersion in a dynamic and multicultural city: Montreal

Specific And Professional Classes

The purpose of these courses is to develop your vocabulary related to the professional sector in which you work and / or study or prepare to do so.

Work in French

Partial or intensive classes – Preparation to Examen de l’Office québécois de la langue française

Study in French

Partial or intensive classes – Preparation to TFI


Partial or intensive classes – Preparation to TEFaQ (Permanent Residency ) – TEF (citizenship)