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Semi-intensive English ESL

The semi-intensive course offers the possibility to associate holidays with visits and learning a language by combining the two.

This course is designed for those who wish to combine studies with pleasure during their stay in Montreal. The semi-intensive morning course allows them to obtain strong language components which they will be able to utilize more profoundly by immersing themselves in our beautiful city. Registration in this program for a period of 24 consecutive weeks makes foreign students eligible for a tourist visa.

The morning course consists of the 4 language components: Interactive grammar – role play – written and oral exercises – reading – listening to authentic material – pronunciation- syntax.

1 academic hour = 55 minutes.

Semi-Intensive English ESL:

réf.: ENG15

  • 15h/week 8 weeks/level 5 classes/week
  • Schedule: 9.10 to 12.00 Monday to Friday
  • 15H/week = 22H/week including Café Linguistique and language lab

Based on immersion, this course allows participants to develop their capacity for communication in a spontaneous way with natives by speaking in the target language. Grammar or the theme related vocabulary presented in a real-life context for instance gives learners the opportunity to reinforce their language skills through role plays and structured written and oral exercises. Grammar is passed on through structured exercises and drills which help the student to think in the target language instead of translating into his/her mother tongue but into the language learned.

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