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Standard and  Specialized Language

Course: English ESL

At ALC, you can learn international English with native-language instructors. Teachers at ALC prepare you for any situation, from professional interviews to answering questions regarding your choice to study at university: McGill, Oxford or Stanford.

In fact, even if every English-speaking region throughout the world has its own linguistic idiosyncrasies, it is certain that in Quebec the English language is as much influenced by American English as it is by its British counterpart.

A number of our students all agree that the type of English used in Quebec does not differ in its vocabulary – it is in fact almost identical – but rather a question of how to arrange and assemble the words in a phrase. Regarding the accent, they all agree that Canadian English is more articulated, more clear, and not as “swallowed” as in the United States.

If you are in conversation with a person from Newfoundland or from Vancouver, you will certainly discover words that are unique to their own cultural environment. However, and more importantly, should you be worried about knowing the difference between “night and nite” or “realize and realise” even before you arrive in Montreal? In truth, be open. Canadians are welcoming people – even if they ask you whether or not you have a “toonie” (two-dollar coin) to buy a “pop” (soda/carbonated beverage). They might inform you that their son is a “timbit” (young sports player) and that he plays “soccer” (football) with his team from the neighbourhood park. English is truly the definition of a living language, in constant evolution, ever-expanding, and flexible.

ALC offers free optional courses for students already enrolled in regular programs. These courses allow students to practice their skills and reach their language goals.

At ALC, you may take courses in ESL English for 30, 25 or 15 hours per week, Monday to Friday, all year long without interruptions. It is possible to complete all 6 levels offered within 48 weeks.

Furthermore, people who work during the day can take ALC’s evening courses for 6 or 3 hours per week, depending on your language goals.

You may combine standard courses with specialized courses by choosing the Intensive PLUS program.

This course will give you the chance to quickly improve your basic English skills while working on the specialized language skills you seek.

At ALC Montréal, every English language program guarantees you fast and effective learning.

Having the teaching of English as our speciality, we know that our methodology is the key to your success. Our intention is for you to reach your goals within the time during which you  registered. Our teachers are here to support, guide, and assist you with all the work required for your success.

We are also aware that upon registering with our academy, you are motivated to succeed. In fact, thanks to our approach and our method, our success rates are some of the highest currently in the market.

Private English Course

If you have little time or want to concentrate more intensively on your English language learning, ALC offers you individual English lessons with a teacher who has prepared a curriculum adapted to your needs and Personal goals.

Specific And Professional Classes

The purpose of these courses is to develop your vocabulary related to the professional sector in which you work and / or study or prepare to do so.

Work in English

Partial or intensive classes – Preparation to TOEIC

Study in English

Partial or intensive classes – Preparation to TOEFL iBt


Partial or intensive classes – Preparation to IELTS