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Test of International French (TFI)

The TFI (Test de français international) evaluates and certifies the ability of non-francophones regarding communicating in a professional and international context. It is a standard test, giving low scores regardless of the test version. It measures French language proficiency according to scores on a continuous scale.

The University of Montreal, among others, requires the TFI from non-francophones in order to study in French.

To register

Important Information

TFI Test-taking dates at ALC Montreal

Please contact our administration at 514-844-4849 extension 201 or email:

ALC Montreal works in partnership with ETS Canada and allows students who have studied  in French or with special TFI to take the official TFI test on its premises.

ALC Montreal offers one test-taking session per month, at the end of the TFI preparation course.

Dates for TFI at ALC in 2018 :

  • 2 Février
  • 2 Mars
  • 4 Mai
  • 1 Juin
  • 29 Juin
  • 3 Août
  • 31 Août
  • 5 Octobre
  • 2 Novembre
  • 30 Novembre

Final registration date for the test
2 weeks before the selected date.

Obtain results for the test
2 weeks (minimum) after having taken the test.