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TFI Test Preparation at ALC Montréal

(Test de Français international)

The TFI (Test of International French) evaluates and certifies the proficiency of non-francophones to communicate in French in a professional context as well as for international exchanges.

It is a standard test, giving low scores regardless of the test version. It measures French language proficiency according to scores on a continuous scale.

It applies to people from all levels – from beginner to advanced – and from all social and professional categories. No specialized knowledge or vocabulary is necessary, apart from the usual every-day vocabulary used in daily life within a professional framework.

Based on the same model as the Test of English for International Communication® (TOEIC®), the TFI test was started at the request of major francophone companies. The TFI is required by French universities and by certain companies

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TFI Preparation

Count on professionals when your future depends on your success!

ALC Montreal’s TFI Preparation course is given by specialists with extensive educational tools. You receive access to our language lab, get an evaluation of your progress, and take simulated exams. You are guaranteed real progress with a solid foundation.

Native-language speaking teachers at ALC Montreal will teach you how to master the knowledge required for the exam, how to strategically approach it, how to maintain a flow while taking it, and how to manage your stress.

Our course strategy ensures a high rate of passing, even for students who wish to undertake medical studies – for which a score of 860 is required. 95% of these students have obtained the 860 points required.

Attention: Your prior knowledge of French is important. You must take an evaluation test before we are able to confirm your registration for the TEF preparation course. It is important that you pass this test before we can confirm your registration for the TFI preparation course as you aim to enter a university

ALC Montreal has 2 TFI preparation options depending on your needs and availabilities.

Costs: $615 includes academic materials + (registration fees of $55.00 for local students)

A minimum of 3 students is required to start a session.

  • 36 hours of academic courses
  • 3 to 4 mock tests in addition to academic courses
  • Session length: 4 weeks
  • Educational support
  • Evening session: 6:10pm to 9:00pm Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday
  • Daytime session: 3:10pm to 6:00pm Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday
  • Training in the language lab – up to 6 hours/week depending on the student’s schedule
  • Session start date: 1st Tuesday of every month except for December and January

Note : ALC reserves the right to modify the course schedule depending on registrations.

ALC reserves the right to reduce the length of class times by 50% in cases where there are fewer than 3 participants so as to not cancel the session.

In this case, the course becomes a private or semi-private course with the same cost as a group course.

  • From 1 to 5 classes per week
  • 2 hours minimum per class
  •  Schedule according to your availability between 8:30am and 9pm

Costs: See private courses

Attention: Your prior knowledge of French is important. You must take an evaluation test before we are able to confirm your registration for the TFI preparation course.

Cost of evaluation test to enter a preparation course: $25. This amount will automatically be deducted from your registration fee if you decide to complete your training with ALC.

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