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ALC Montreal has been teaching in Montreal for over 15 years. We are proud that our language courses and service offerings are proven to be effective and continue to grow. More and more companies ask us to teach English, French as a foreign language, Spanish, Mandarin to their employees. Businesses, companies, etc.  

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Contact ALC Montreal to discuss your learning needs in English, Spanish, Mandarin, employee francization. If you are in Montreal we can organize an in-person meeting in your office without any prior commitment on your part. or via Skype to find out which programs and method are right for you.


We understand that your business needs for language training are distinct from the needs of other businesses. All the more reason for us to listen to you before sending you a quote. For us, the idea that 30 hours of lessons can be reserved like a book on Amazon cannot work. After determining your needs, we will design a program that is perfectly suited to your business. If you are working in a specific area your courses will focus on that area. If you need general English skills, for example, we will guide our course preparation in this direction. If you want to focus on writing and syntax, we will focus on writing. We know how to help you, let us respond concretely to your requests


Not only is your business unique, but your employees too, as individuals, they have different abilities to speak in a language other than their own. We will talk about your specific needs, depending on the skills of the staff to be trained, we will address the strengths and weaknesses, and we will develop the approach that best suits them. This is how it works. s'exprimer dans une langue étrangEra, but everyone succeeds if we take their environment into account and as an adult training center we remain at your disposal to adapt to their personality.


Many companies employ immigrants and ask us for intensive and rapid courses so that they are operational in a minimum of time because French is essential. If this is your case trust us to help you. ALC Montreal has been working in the francization sector for several years and is able to train designated personnel in an efficient and sustainable manner. This training may include preparation for the official test required by the immigration services: TEF / TEFaQ if necessary. 

Are you looking for a TEF / TEFaQ strategic preparation course for one or more of your employees who already speak French? ALC Montreal can offer you classes based on 10am - 20pm - 30pm or more depending on the prior level of these people.

Our courses revolve around daily life in Quebec and offer learners the opportunity to study French in order to live and work in French in Quebec. Preparation for the TEF / TEFaQ includes the study of all the skills required for the test. The learning is oriented towards a strategic training designed to allow candidates to pass the test with confidence and serenity.

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We tailor our courses to your needs so that you can study what you want, when you want. We provide you with committed, friendly and professional teachers, with solid experience in teaching English, Spanish, Business Mandarin or even French. We are able to offer you lessons and schedules according to your availability

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ALC Montreal organizes your corporate courses

ALC Montreal offers lessons via Skype / Teams regardless of whether your employees are located in Montreal, Vancouver or in another country. We are able to offer you course hours accessible to your time zone

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Is your company looking for PACME courses? ALC Montreal will send you all the documents for your file.