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ALC Montréal is a training center accredited by Emploi Québec : No. 0055142 

Qualified and Experienced

Instructors at ALC Montréal have at least 3 years experience in the teaching field. Qualified and experienced in the instruction of their native language as a foreign language, our instructors are committed to actively taking advantage of the international classroom environment in order to create a highly stimulating and motivating team of learners. All of our instructors are fully qualified. Furthermore, what we look for in instructors isn’t just a teaching certificate but also true teaching skills, professionalism and enthusiasm toward teaching and dedicated individualized attention to each student.

Our courses are adapted to the specific needs of your company

Languages : French FLE – English ESL – Spanish

We also offer courses in German and Mandarin Chinese

We offer 6 levels from beginner to advanced; each level is divided into two sessions of 30 hours each.

Standard Course The standard course is based upon the general learning of the language: 30% writing (production and comprehension) and 70% oral (comprehension and expression). This type of course is better suited for learners who wish to expand their language skills for use in everyday settings.
This course develops not only your language proficiency and your ease of communication but also your ability to communicate in professional settings such as meetings and telephone interviews. It also covers the drafting of business letters and e-mails. These courses are combined with the general language courses.
The goal of these courses is to expand language training into a specific domain. They cover aspects of the language such as technical vocabulary, jargon, correspondence, etc. Increasingly valued by professionals, these specific courses offer the learner the ability to acquire the necessary knowledge to carry out his/her profession in another language.

Level availability is dependent upon specific field chosen.

  • Business Language: In addition to providing a general review, this program focuses on the presentation of your company, the products or services offered, the various elements of your presentations, your sales offers and contracts. Negotiation techniques are taught through role-play and simulations.
  • Management: An in-depth study of vocabulary and expressions related to management. Learning is reinforced by exercises with audio tapes that simulate different management situations and role plays designed to skillfully manage situations and find solutions.
  • Finances: these courses are designed for business people and accountants. Financial vocabulary will be taught through a program that deals with case studies, financial reports, and accounting procedures. Our written and oral training will help you deal with situations encountered with customers over the phone, meetings and in preparing reports.
  • Negotiation: These courses focus on techniques for negotiating price, terms of sale, delays both from the point of view of the buyer and/or the vendor, learning key phrases, formulating arguments, the expression of supply and demand is reinforced through role-playing techniques.
  • Presentation: These courses focus on techniques for presenting companies, projects, products, etc… As part of a speech: learning key phrases, formulating an introduction, transitional phrases, presentation of tables and graphs, etc… The presentations are repeated according to role-playing techniques.
  • Secretarial/Administrative: These courses focus on expressions used by front-desk office staff and receptionists, hostesses, and secretaries. Learn key phrases and the most appropriate ways to welcome visitors, answer telephones, take messages, write short notes to convey common information … All these tasks are reinforced using role-playing games.
  • Writing Courses: These courses are designed for both native and non-native speakers of a language who are experiencing difficulty drafting correct texts, letters and administrative documents either for business or for personal use. These skills are often necessary for administrative workers.

Telephone courses, individual and personalized: These courses focus on predefined objectives according to a program based on role-playing, relating to situations such as:

  • taking and giving orders,
  • setting appointments,
  • dealing with difficult situations,
  • Managing everyday tasks of professional life through e-mail correspondence with an instructor, also putting writing skills into practice.

Competitive rates

Private Courses: Contact Us

Semi-private Courses: (2 people in the same level) – Contact us

For groups, we offer two registration plans:

FORMULA 1 : Group registration. You register a group of 3 to 9 people and the cost of the course will be calculated per hour, regardless of how many people within the minimum requirements of 3 and maximum of 9. Ideal for enterprises wishing to offer courses to an important number of employees of varied skill levels.

A) Group courses: 3 to 9 people – Duration of session : 30 hours

B) Group courses : 3 to 9 people – Duration of session : 60 hours

FORMULA 2 : Group registration on an individual basis. You choose specific employees of your enterprise to whom you wish to offer courses. Ideal for enterprises which wish to offer courses to a select few employees. The cost of the course will be calculated per session. A minimum of 4 people per linguistic level is required.

C) Group course with individual registration:

Minimum of 4 people registered per level: 30 hours

Minimum duration of a class session: 1h30

Frequency: 1 time per week, minimum

2 times per week is recommended for beginning and elementary learners

Group enrollment:

A) Group course: 3 to 9 people – Duration of a session: 30 hours

B) Group course: 3 to 9 people – Duration of a session: 60 hours

Invest in your Success

  • Flexible schedules and courses
  • Qualified and Experienced
  • Courses in your own company
  • Courses that can be adapted to the specific needs of your company
  • Competitive rates
  • Language testing services to evaluate a person’s language level

Flexible timetables

Private or semi-private courses

Suggested time blocks in your company:
From 7.30 to 19.00 – Monday to Thursday
From 7.30 to 16.00 Friday

Group courses

Suggested time blocks in your company:
From 07.30 to 09.00 /Monday to Friday
From 11.30 to 13.30 / Monday to Friday
From 15.30 to 19.00/ Monday to Thursday

Courses in your own company

We can come to you; all of you have to provide is a room (private or closed) equipped with a television set, a DVD/CD player, chairs for your employees, and either a blackboard or a dry-erase board.

Your employees will then have the ability to attend languages classes on site, quickly, and you not have to invest any additional time than what is necessary for the courses.

The evaluation = the first step to success

An evaluation done correctly will allow us to evaluate each language learner, and also to prevent any person from being placed in a level where they do not belong, and consequently make no progress. This results in unnecessary expenses to the company.

Telephone Courses:  

Class duration: 25 minutes

Cost: Contact us

Session: 10 classes minimum

Frequency: 2 times per week (recommended)
1 time per week (minimum)

Language testing services to evaluate a person’s language level

Identify the company’s business and language needs during an initial meeting. A definition of your goals is essential so we can better meet your expectations.

Assess the level in order to form homogenous groups and divide the candidates in the best possible way. A linguistic review is then conducted to assess grammatical knowledge, vocabulary, and writing ability. An interview then follows where only speaking ability is evaluated, but we analyze the needs of each candidate for tasks that must be performed in English and which are specific to the company.

Propose an adapted program that details the objectives and goals to be reached and specifies the number of hours necessary to meet the desired results.

Choose the appropriate teaching materials

We work with a great variety of supporting teaching materials that are widely available in the market. These include materials pertaining to grammar, technical, commercial, and office vocabulary, as well as audio and video equipment, which are always supplemented with support provided by ALC Montréal. To facilitate language immersion, we refer learners to various books, films, and websites outside of class.

Set the class in option

A regular schedule will be set up according to the learners’ availability. The instructors will go to the company at the agreed-upon times and carry out the program during the established time limits.

Establish the final progress report

A report at the end of the course includes a summary of the objectives set at the beginning of the course, a description of the work that has been done during the course, a list of the supporting materials that have been used, and recommendations and evaluations of each student.